Bergendy Concert, Dance, Jazz, and Salon Orchestra

The history of the band goes back to the 60's. Like lots of other places in the world this band also started as a high school group. They played jazz, swing, south-american latin, and of course rock'n'roll. Everybody of the members has classical education. During the last 40 years the changes of fashion changed the style of the band obviously. In those years as youngsters they played over the style of beat, and rock in Hungary, and almost across Europe's clubs, theaters, television shows, big stages, and festivals.

In the beginning they played instrumental music, but after a certain period of time they started to sing also, to get a bit more popularity. Even with the instrumental formation had a lots of jobs at the radio, television, and in the movies from the early sixties. In those years they published 25-30 records with one, or two songs. From 1970 until today they published 17 records in the style of pop-rock. From these they have 12 Golden records, and a few Platinum. Not to mention the millions of jobs with different singers, actors, actresses, film producing companies, and TV shows. Between 1970-77 they were speaking of as: the most famous band in the country of Hungary.

From the year 1980 they jumped back to the beginning, to the swing, dixie, boogie, and south-american latin music. Which makes it necessary to have 12 musicians involved. They play ever since then, with 12 people on stage, and 2 technicians.

8 instrumental musicians; keyboard, drums, bass, and guitar. The 4 horn player can play all of the reeds, and woodwinds instrument, and harmonica as well. The singers; the male lead singer, and 4 female background vocalists. All the ladies sings solo with the choreography during the performance. They perform the from; dance, and swinging style of the 20-30's years, thru out the 50's rock'n'roll, beat, soul, including the recent disco, and pop hits. They play the cover songs in the original arranging, and they perform a little show to present the different feelings of these different ages.

They composed, and produced various theatre, and Tv shows. They showed up at the Ball of Anna almost every year from the 60's, and entertain the audience with their great performances.

Awards: 1963 from the beginning they got 7 awards NIVO from the hungarian television, and radio, and Hungaroton publisher company. 1966 Award SZOT. 1972 Song Contest Winner 1984 the Best Recording 2001 Award of Life-work

Lots of talented, and famous singers, and artist started their carrier with them, or with their help like : Sarolta Zalatnay, Peter Mate, Klari Katona, Viktoria Eszmenyi, Ferenc Demjen, Robert Lovas, Geza Hofi, Peter Korbalek, Judit Hernadi, Ferenc Balogh, Kata Janza, Mirtill Micheller, Rita Ambrus . . . etc.